Pod 2 Interactive Learning Resource draft

Hi Pod 2,

First of all, thank you for sharing your Interactive Learning Resource! I am very interested in your topic because I have also learned python before, python is a good software for computer programming.

In your Interactive Learning Resource, I think your overview is very well. In your overview, you introduce the direct instruction method that will be used in your learning resource to teach students about how to use Python. At the same time, let me know in your overview that the learning resources are mainly design for K-12+ students. I think you guys did a great job.

When I was reading your Learning Theory and Learning Design I thought you did a great job as well. In your Learning Theory, let me know that your group will use constructivism to guide your students and let them apply this theory method to determine whether they want to pursue advanced level programming in the future or not. In your Learning Design, your group will use direct instruction method, I also agree with that, because I think based on your topic is “Basic Python for Beginner”. The students you are dealing with are beginners who have no experience in programming, and the direct instruction method allows them to quickly master some basic knowledge of Python.

Through the study of EDCI 335, I think you can add more theroies and designs in these two parts of Learning Theroy and Learning Design. Because I don’t think all students are suitable for constructivism and direct instruction to learn, I think in your learning resources, students can find their own suitable way to learn Python software. For example, I think you can use open pedagogy method to let students use their own way to search other resources to write a program of their own by using Python. This is just my suggestion, you can consider it.

Then, I think I didn’t see a description of the inclusive design in your learning resources. I think inclusive design is very important for students, and your topic is about programming. I think programming is difficult for beginners to feel easily to learn, so I think you should add it to your learning resources and tell us what you can do if students have some barriers in learning the Python.

Finally, in each of your questions by inserting some videos to introduce students how Python works I think it’s good. I think these videos are helpful for beginners. At the same time, you also pay attention to the interaction with the students. Through each quiz, you can know the students’ mastery. But I think it would be better if you guys could add some text description about the Python to the Final project. Because I think a good learning resource is a combination of text and video to teach students knowledge and they can learn more easily.

Overall, this is just some of my personal suggestions, it is also possible that I am wrong, if I am wrong in some places, you can ignore it. I am looking forward to your final Interactive Learning Resource. Good luck!



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