Hi Ariana,

After reading your blog I’m glad to see you explain experiential learning in a different type. Your post gave me a deeper understanding of experiential learning. When I read your post, I learned that experiential learning has a learning circle and this learning circle was proposed by Kolb. At the same time, I also agree with the 4 processes in the experiential learning circle. In your post I also learned how these 4 processes worked in the experiential learning.

You also shared in your post about whether experiential learning has been used to your group project. Your group project is talking about stress in primary school, and you let me know that the experiential learning in your group project is not very obvious, so your group doesn’t use this method. Through your description I understand that experiential learning is not for any learner, we should through specific questions to determine what education method is more suitable for students. By the way this is a good post and I really enjoy it!