Through the study of Design of Multimedia Learning Objects and Artifacts, I think with the development of multimedia education technology, the use of multimedia technology in the teaching process is becoming more and more common. While learning multimedia and computer technology, teachers should pay attention to the educational theories, use advanced educational theories to guide their multimedia teaching at any time, and give full play to the advantages of multimedia teaching. At the same time, helping students learning more knowledge while learning multimedia design.

The poster I designed using Canva in below.

Misson track day event

I have used Photoshop to design posters before, but when I used Canva to design the posters this week, I found this software to be easier and more convenient, this software is very suitable for students who are just learning multimedia design. The reason why I chose to design a poster through Canva this week is because I think posters are a convenient way to show the theme of the event to people, and poster can show people what they most want to know with very little information. People don’t want to see a advertisement with a full of text, so I think poster is the most acceptable way to people, so this week I chose to design posters.