photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

Interaction is a way for people to connect with others. From the student’s point, the interaction in learning includes teacher to student , student to student, and student to learning content. In general, interaction allows students to grasp the learning content faster and better.

In my interactive learning design, our group topic is Chinese festival. The goal of our group is to let students understand Chinese culture and traditional Chinese festivals. This topic is difficult for some students who do not have experience in Chinese festivals, so the interaction with students is important for us. Personally, in the following video, I will let students know about the most common Chinese festivals.

Since this video is interactive, students will be unable to complete the group project if they skip it. Also students must understand the characteristics of each of the 5 festivals mentioned in this video.

I believe that students have some thoughts of the topic after watching this video, because these 5 biggest festivals are similar to some festivals in their own country. Although this video is short, but this video has a good summary of the characteristics of each festival, students can easily connect with festivals in their own country so that they can have some ideas about to compare Chinese festivals and their own festivals.

When they finished watching the video, I’ll ask them to submit a study project as a group. I will ask them to summarize these 5 festivals and the characteristics of each festival. I will encourage each group to communicate, this study project can be done in the form of Google docs or a PowerPoint.

When they finished the first draft of the group project, I’ll let them send the project to my email, and I’ll go through their report carefully. When I finished review, I’ll create a video meeting with each group via Zoom. During meeting with each group, I’ll give them some feedback for revisions. Then I will ask them to email me again when they have finished making changes, and I will post the grades and the grading criteria at the end of their project.

Overall, this video is just to give students a basic understanding of Chinese festivals. They also need to have a depth understanding of Chinese festivals in their own way.