Hi MengchengLiu,

After reading your post, I am very interested in your dynamic poster design. I think it can take people’s attention more than a traditional static poster. Your poster highlights the theme about the ice cream shop and combine dynamic ice cream pictures to show us the content you want to reflect. I think your dynamic poster design is very suitable with the current time of the technological development. I think if you can make the background more brighter, it will be more attractive to customers.

The other thing is, I saw you said that you have designed dynamic posters for the milk tea shop where you work and displayed them on the screen, but I want to know how the milk tea shop controls the cost of publicity when promoting it? Because you know that dynamic posters cost more money than traditional posters in the process of publicity. I would like to communicate with you.

Overall, your design makes me feel good, I love the dynamic poster, it’s a good design!